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You talk like me but you don’t understand me We think a like and you pry think I’m crazy I feel sorry every day cuz I have done so many things to make u made I want to start agene but I know we cant I cant change the way we are now I... Hair Color This season the naturalness is actual very mach,... I hate the way you talk to me, And the way you cut your hair.

Im not suppose to love you, Im not suppose to care, Im not suppose to live my life, Wishing you were there, Im not suppose to wonder where you are or what you do, Im sorry I just can't help myself I fell in love with you, You know me... I hate your big dumb combat boots, And the way you read my mind.

I am yours when you want people to see me being yours, yet you do not include me in all aspects of your life. I see the people you talk with, I see how you do not include me in your social life. You will never be happy because you dont want to be.

We are together for the 'family' that we have but we are far from in love.

And I think you might have some strong opinions, too. Its because I'm happy in ways I never imagined And at peace with me and all I have and ever will be I go to work, and sometimes I hate it But I do it for her No its not always flashy Romeo and Juliet Dumb shit Like how I was at 18But I've come to realize That was a lie From the moment I met your eyes#idgafra You are right, I hate you. How I loved you, and was unwilling to let go until it was too late And I lost the only one that you have ever truly shown more hate. You post your underhanded shit on here, just to see. People say in time we eventually learn from our mistakes. I couldn't give a rats ass what you think of me I come here because it has been my place Long before I ever saw your face I wouldn't marry her To spite you, or out of hate for you If you must know it ain't got shit to do with you I've finally figured out I'm much better without If you must know? When it comes right down to it All my pain rests on your unforgiving shit. You want to marry the woman you lie to But you want me to stop you. Who would listen to my thoughts, respect my silence, put no limitation to how far I should grow as a person. Who would show me the joy of sharing oneself with another in the name of love. I don't want to get committed again and I don't want to live with you either. Yes, I've been waiting for this person for so long. At this point in my life, I don't want to own someone special.

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This is a list of the characters that have appeared on 90210, an American teen drama.

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To be considered for removal, they could have no additional convictions or pending charges for sexual offenses or felonies, and they would need to have completed probation and parole, as well as a sex offender treatment program.

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There is also an Interact section where you can see who’s seen you, and who’s interested in possibly dating you.